Outdoor Improvements

Fixing up the house is hard enough, but making the yard presentable usually comes last for many people. It requires a lot of time and effort, needs constant maintenance, and often costs extra money for plants, soil, and water.  Some people are ambitious and love the idea of getting their hands and knees dirty, but others are much more hesitant to get out the shovel.

Do It Yourself

For the ambitious souls, it would be helpful to approach the yard the same way as the house: with a list. Make sure to accurately design a garden or yard area paying specific attention to which areas get enough light and water, if a sprinkler system is necessary, and how much time it would take to maintain it. Make sure to consult others with experience in landscaping as well before taking off to your local Home Depot.

Hire Some Help

For those homeowners that would rather not be bothered by landscaping projects, perhaps finding a reliable contractor to design, create, and maintain the yard would be useful and preferable. Creating a list of design ideas and specific plants to use—as well as determining how much time would be necessary to maintain the landscaping—will help the homeowner and the contractor understand the vision.

Check out our tips for hiring contractors if you need more information.